Color Combinations

Colors for Late Summer & Early Fall

Color Combo Fall 2018 Sargasso Sea Fuschia Ceylon Yellow Quiet Gray

My goal for this combination was to pick colors that would transition well from Summer to Fall – pairing some bright colors like citrine and magenta with richer, cooler colors like cobalt blue and smoke grey. What I was left with almost feels a little “80’s-esque,” but I really love it, especially paired with this fun pattern! How would you pair these colors?


Inspiring Color Combination: March’s Birthstone Aquamarine

Color Combination of Coral, Aqua Blue, Beige and Peach for Spring and Summer Wedding

March’s birthstone is aquamarine, so for this month’s color combination I started with the Caribbean from my color chart. I love the idea of soft blues or greens mixed with warmer colors like orange or red.

I think this combination of an aqua blue, coral, peach and beige are perfect for spring or summer weddings and events. And I’m definitely ready for some spring weather after this winter! :)

Inspiring Color Combinations: February’s Birthstone Amethyst

Purple Jewel Tone Color Combination - Amethyst Eggplant Jade

February’s birthstone is Amethyst, so of course that was the starting point when selecting a color from my chart. I have always loved the rich elegance of jewel tones, and I think the amethyst pairs perfectly with eggplant, jade, and ocean for this color combination. These colors would be gorgeous for a winter wedding!

Inspiring Color Combinations: January’s Birthstone Garnet

Crimson Wine Gray Blue Mustard Yellow Color Combo

Happy 2015!  I’m excited to announce that this year’s color combinations will be based on each month’s birthstone!

January’s birthstone is garnet, so I created a combination that would work well with the crimson on my color chart. I usually shy away from shades of red, but I am in love with this color paired with wine, gray blue and mustard. It definitely has an elegance to it with the deep reds, but it really becomes more fun with the blue and yellow mixed it. It almost reminds me of a toned down/wintery version of last May’s “Cinco De Mayo” inspired color combination. :)

Inspiring Color Combinations: Navy, Emerald, Mint & Gray

Color Combination for Winter - Navy Gray Blue Emerald Mint Green Gray Herringbone Pattern

It’s a winter wonderland here in NY so I was feeling the cool, wintery color when I created this combination. I’d never thought to pair navy, emerald or mint green together before, but I’m loving them together! I also think they work great with the graphite and gray blue. This would be a make a great color combination for a winter wedding!

Inspiring Color Combinations: Orange & Jade

Fun combination of colors - orange cream, apricot, jade and iced mint

Normally I’m a “cool colors” kind of girl, but with all this orange out my window I was feeling inspired to create a color combination using some orange! I love how the orange cream pairs perfectly with the apricot (a yellow color), and some cool shades of jade and iced mint. I could see this combination working well for a wedding, and especially a gender neutral baby shower or nursery. Who says you can only use yellow or green for a neutral baby shower or nursery? This fun color combination would be perfect for a boy or girl!

Inspiring Color Combinations: Fall Colors 2014

Fall Color Combo - Navy, Lipstick {Sangria}, Mustard, Khaki

With fall being just about 2 weeks away {seriously, where does time go…?} I was inspired to create a new color combination. I love how perfectly the more neutral navy and khaki brown pair with a mustard yellow and lipstick {a sangria like color}. I would definitely put these colors together in an outfit or even an Autumn wedding. :)

Inspiring Color Combinations: Shades of Purple

Purple Color Combo - Eggplant, Amethyst, Lavender, Camel Brown Gold

For some reason, mixing a more red shade of purple, like the amethyst, with a more blue shade of purple, like the eggplant and lavender, always bothered me. Today, that all changed. The inspiration came to me to mix these colors together, and I’m loving how it turned out! I also love the idea of the camel color mixed in as like a “gold” to spice it up even more.

Inspiring Color Combinations: Peony, Seafoam, Mint, Apricot, Banana

Color Combination - Pink, Blue, Mint, Orange Yellow - Vibrant Spring Summer Colors

A fun color combination perfect for spring and summer events. I love the mix of the warm, vibrant colors of peony, apricot, and banana mixed with the softer, cooler colors of seafoam and mint.

This combination is a more updated and modern “rainbow” in pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow.